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Campfire Cooking

Nothing gathers a crowd faster than a campfire — except, perhaps, the food that stems from it. This summer, take full advantage of collaborative campground efforts by packing recipes that are easy to make, sure to please, and leave everyone begging for seconds (and thirds). Here are three recipes to ensure the stories and rounds of charades last as long as the campfire.

American Pie

A Skinnygirl Movie Night

While summer is full of days at the beach, al fresco dinner dates, and rooftop soirees, there’s something equally satisfying about calling up your own entourage and grabbing the floor pillows for a good, old fashioned movie night. Because ultimately, what’s better than an evening filled with new releases, old friends, and the theatre-ready snacks that are bound to go with it? For your own pre-previews party, try out these three easy recipes at home.