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Coffee For Every Situation


With the exception of the few naturally-enabled go-getters in this world, most of us crave, look forward to, and, yes, OK—depend on—caffeine to get us through the day. And while any style of java will guarantee that awakening aid is on its way, we like to think that your coffee ritual deserves the same amount of shaking up as do the rest of your schedule’s going-ons. To ensure you’re equipped with the best possible jolt for any moment, check out the following buzz-worthy brews and recipes.

Catch Up To Morning Madness
Between getting ready, packing lunches and tackling commutes, mornings aren’t exactly overflowing with free time. To be better prepared for AM multitasking, find a quick fix in instant coffee that can be gulped down chez vous or taken with you for on-the-go awakening. For big-time rushes, skip the hot water and opt for a two-step iced variation.
Get Wide Awake At Work
You know you’ve got brilliant ideas and know-how in the office, and there’s nothing that can get in your way from saying so—except, perhaps, the sleep deprivation caused by last night’s meeting prep. Kick the fatigue—fast—with a café Cubano, a frothy shot of espresso with a touch of sweetness that’ll have you Powerpoint and laser pen-ready in no time.
A Lazy, Sleeping In Kind of Sunday
No wonder we love the weekends so much. After six days of work presentations, parent-teacher meetings and social gatherings, there’s nothing more rewarding than getting a full night’s rest, only to be greeted by a day scheduled with absolutely nothing—except for reading by the fireplace. Get into full relaxation mode with a decadent and well-deserved mocha, built for sipping through the chapters.

New Year, New Sweetener


Every girl has done it before; we make a sweeping New Year’s resolution that doesn’t even last until Valentine’s day. While we start to regret most resolutions immediately after the new year’s first toast (and kiss,) using Skinnygirl Sweetener in place of sugar will sounds sweet all year long. Check out our tips below to see how you can make a resolution you’ll love to keep.

Wake Up Sweetly

Whether it’s a cool frozen latte or a warm cup of tea, every girl loves a delicious drink to jumpstart their morning. Instead of reaching for a handful of messy sugar packets, a few squirts of your favorite Skinnygirl Liquid Sweetener will keep your drinks deliciously sweet and your resolution intact.

Don’t Skip Brunch

If you’ve had a late night or just want an excuse to throw on a cute dress, a good brunch can really make a weekend. After you’ve made the mimosas, whip up a batch of our Skinnygirl waffles for a meal that taste as good as keeping a resolution feels.

Give Your Diet Some Pop

If your resolution is going to last all year, you don’t want to miss out on any of your summer favorites. Even if icicles are still hanging outside your window, a Skinnygirl citrus fruit pop and a cozy fire provide a refreshing mix of hot and cold. Just follow the recipe below for a snack that tastes as sweet a trip to the beach.

Smooth Sailing

After you’re first sip of a Skinnygirl Mixed Berry Smoothie, you’ll wish New Year’s had come earlier. Made with a delicious mix of fresh fruit, yogurt and your favorite Skinnygirl sweetener, these smoothies will keep you on track for a sweetly successful resolution.

Spread the Love

When you’ve settled into a sweet routine, why not share your new favorites with all your girls? After you mix up a batch of Skinnygirl Cinnamon Raisin Spread, invite your friends over to taste what they’ve been missing. After all, the only thing sweeter than keeping one resolution is starting a few more.

Look Sweet All Season Long

With the holidays around the corner, your calendar is booking up—fast. To manage your social stresses, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need—from the clothing to the cocktail—so that all you need to do is kick back, relax and enjoy the season’s most anticipated rendezvouses.

Meeting The Parents
The Look: Simply Sophisticated
Perhaps the interview of all interviews, meeting a significant other’s parents can pack big pressure. Impress them by sporting a polished, sophisticated look that also showcases your personality.
Outfit: A simple combo, such as a knee-length skirt or wide-legged trousers with a solid top—can go a long way when matched with thoughtfully chosen accessories.
Hair & Makeup: Keep short hair neat and sleek, and throw long locks into a refined updo (i.e., a no-fuss sky-high bun). Maintain minimal and classic makeup, allowing your power players to be a light peach blush and long-lasting mascara.

Keep the alcohol low and class factor high with this sophisticated sipper.


Home for the Holidays
The Look: Fiercely Festive
You’ve been looking forward to it for months—the one time of the year to reunite with friends at home for your annual holiday soiree. This look is all about keeping things relaxed and fun, with a dash of glam for good seasonal measure.
Outfit: Make an entrance at this year’s fete with eye-catching shine. Stay casual chic in skinny jeans and a bejeweled cardigan, or go big with black booties and a gold sequin mini dress.
Hair & Makeup: For short hair, get effortlessly edgy with a wavy bob, and for long locks, create ready-for-anything volume with soft and bouncy waves. Go for one bold “wow” factor makeup move, such as garnet-hued lipstick or gunmetal sheen eye shadow.

This riff on a year-round favorite takes on a multitude of seasonal flavors, making it the perfect holiday party go-to.


The Office Party
The Look: Professional Panache
When bulletin board announcements make way for streamers and stereo speakers replace the corner plants, it could only mean one thing: the holiday office party is back. Given the professional environment but relaxed occasion, a balanced look is key to the “comes-but-once-a-year” happening.
Outfit: For a weekday-meets-weekend approach, opt for a shift dress, or pair a pencil skirt with a bright top and one bold accessory for extra charisma.
Hair & Makeup: Look perfectly undone with barely-there waves for short strands, and for effortless long tresses, blow dry hair straight before pinning up two mini-braids for a romantic twist. Soft makeup with a surprise or two (i.e., a touch of high intensity cheekbone shimmer) will serve as a reminder that tonight you’re drinking—not working—at the office.

Given its “gather ‘round” capabilities, this crowd-pleasing communal cocktail will take on a similar role to the water cooler in no time.