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Skinnygirl Summer Workout

Just because summer is (sadly) drawing to a close, doesn’t mean we can’t get our already fabulous figures in better shape! There’s a few more weeks of beach and barbecue time left. That’s why we created our own patented Skinnygirl End-Of-Summer workout, just for you.

This no-nonsense routine will strengthen & tone important spots:

the core, legs and shoulders. You can do this routine right at home two-to-three times a week with very little equipment necessary. So let’s get ready to sweat!

The Squat Four sets of ten repetitions

You may have heard it before, but it warrants repeating: squats are, quite possibly, the most important exercise you can do. They work your core, legs and your butt, giving your biggest muscles a great burn. Simply place your feet a little wider than your hips, lower your body by pushing your hips back and bending your knees. Aim to have your thighs parallel to the floor. Push back through your heels and stand back up into your starting position. You’ll certainly feel the burn of these squats

The Pushup Three sets of eight repetitions

The pushup is one of the first exercises we learned in gym class, and for good reason. It’s a wonderful way to work your shoulders and abs all at the same time. Just lie on your stomach and place your hands shoulder-width apart. Exhale and push yourself all the way up, then lower yourself until your chest touches the ground. If this is a little difficult for you, try them from your knees. You’ll feel the burn from these pushups pretty quickly, but when you show off those arms in that sleeveless dress you love so much.

Walking Lunges Three sets of 12 repetitions on each leg

For hip strength and stability, lunges are the way to go. Walking lunges work your glutes, hamstrings and quads as well as stabilizing your core. To do the walking lunge, stand upright and take a step forward with your left leg. Lower your hips towards the floor and bend both knees to about 90 degrees. Make sure to keep your back straight and your chest up! Push off with your right leg and bring your legs back together in your starting position. Repeat on the other side. If you feel like giving up, remember how much you love wearing short shorts!

Cool Down Run 20-30 minutes

Tired yet? You’re almost there! Finish off all that strength and toning work with some good old-fashioned cardio. Just strap on your sneakers and throw on your iPod. Enjoy the outdoors while it’s still warm. At the end of your workout, you’re going to need a cool, refreshing recovery drink. Treat yourself to Skinnygirl’s mixed berry smoothie! It’s a delicious, sweet drink that will taste oh-so-good after a hard workout. You deserve it!