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Best Pre & Post Workout Treats

Knowing what to eat and drink before and after a workout can be as challenging as the elliptical routine itself — but once you’ve got the basics, you’ll be well-equipped for any exercise routine that comes your way. Here are a few nutrition-fueled tips and tricks to consider when it comes to pre- and post-gym practices.

It’s important to hydrate in advance of a workout (about 30 minutes) for optimal energy and safety. Jazz up your normal water routine. Add a splash of flavor to your glass with any of the Skinnygirl Liquid Water Enhancers — from tropical Pineapple Coconut to tangy White Cherry.

When it comes to working out, carbs are well-deserved and welcomed. Oatmeal gradually releases energy during a workout, which confirms two great facts: you can (and should) eat carbs, and now, you can totally tackle those extra 10 minutes on the treadmill.

Opt for fruits that are easily digestible, such as a potassium-rich banana, or top your oatmeal with blueberries, which are big-time hydration helpers.

On the Go: If you’re tight on time and need a quick pick-me-up, go for a nutrient-dense snack, such as Skinnygirl Daily On the Go Bars. Their fun flavors — from Banana Oatmeal Dark Chocolate to Dark Chocolate Multi-Grain Pretzel — are just as satisfying as their hunger-curbing doses of protein and fiber.

To Stay: If you’ve got the time, make yourself a well-earned meal that centers around a protein-packed component, such as salmon or grilled chicken. The lean protein will help muscle maintenance, while also fighting hunger pangs for hours on end.

That’s right — more carbs! To recharge post-workout, aim for vitamin-heavy, complex carbs, such as sweet potatoes, or indulge in a healthy heaping of fiber-charged quinoa with dried fruits and nuts.

Organizing Your Fridge

As much as we love using Skinnygirl Liquid Sweeteners to whip up a tasty snack, nothing’s worse than finding out an ingredient went bad during the recipe. Instead, use our guide to organize your fridge like a pro and keep food fresh for longer. That way you can bake your cake and eat it too.