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Organizing Your Fridge

As much as we love using Skinnygirl Liquid Sweeteners to whip up a tasty snack, nothing’s worse than finding out an ingredient went bad during the recipe. Instead, use our guide to organize your fridge like a pro and keep food fresh for longer. That way you can bake your cake and eat it too.


Skinnygirl Spring Trends

Designers and their runways have helped guide our fashion do’s and don’ts for years, but what about the other necessities in our lives? Just as our clothing and accessories can benefit from the occasional en vogue expertise, so can the other areas of our daily regimen — right down to the water we drink. Luckily, the new line of Skinnygirl Liquid Water Enhancers packs four different fruit-forward flavors, so we can stay hydrated in style. Here are three of this spring’s biggest fashion trends — and three ways to dress up your water accordingly.

Wild in White
When we can dig deep into our closet to find our whitest pieces, it’s official: spring is here. While the black and white combination is sweeping the runways this year, an all-white look is just as fierce — and versatile — especially when rocking any of the season’s other trends (think crop tops, cut outs and leather). Dare to make your white wardrobe stand out even more with spring’s boldest accessory yet: Skinnygirl Liquid Water Enhancer in White Cherry, a bright and delicious hydration helper.

Over-the-Top Orange
Sound the style alarms: orange is in — and in a big and bold kind of way. Whether you’re rocking the attention-grabbing hue on your lips or your legs (maxi skirt, anyone?), you’re bound to win over street style-savvy crowds while also looking ready for an island hopping vaca. Add a five-calorie dash of Pineapple Coconut Skinnygirl Liquid Water Enhancer to your glass to keep the tropical party going — without the big-time calories that normally come with it.

Bold Blues
Make no mistake about it — there’s nothing sad about the blues that will be turning heads this season. From a range of hues (from navy to cobalt and royal to cyan) and ways to sport them (from clutches and necklaces to eye shadows and nail polishes), Spring 2014 may be your time to shine if you’re a cool-colored fan. Offer your water the same indigo overhaul with a splash of Blueberry Acai Skinnygirl Liquid Water Enhancer.

All About Agave


When leading a healthier lifestyle, one of the first things to do is to ditch refined sugar. We all know that the stuff is bad! But sweet food and drinks taste oh, so good. So what is a girl to do? The answer can be found in the magical agave plant.

Agave is a perennial plant grown mostly in the south of Mexico, where more than 300 species of the plant grow. Agave is renowned for its many uses, particularly in food and drink. Blue agave nectar creates deliciously sweet syrup. The Aztec people thought agave was a gift from the gods and used its nectar to flavor food and drink. Agave has been used for thousands of years! How can you argue with that legacy?

Skinnygirl started from our love of the agave plant, and one thing we learned from our time perfecting our cocktails is that agave is one versatile plant. While you may think it just belongs in a margarita glass it can also pack a little punch of sweetness perfect for your favorite hot or cold beverage.

Today, agave is gaining in popularity; in fact, Bethenny herself uses agave in her coffee! Unlike sugar, it has a low glycemic index. You get the sweet taste without the spike in blood sugar levels and the inevitable energy crash that follows. Skinnygirl Agave Liquid Sweetener brings this option right to you with the sassy and sweet attitude that Skinnygirl does so well. Enjoy it at home, at the office or on the go. Skinnygirl Agave Sweeteners come in a convenient 1.68 ounce bottle that slips easily in your purse, making it a perfect accessory!

Use Skinnygirl Agave Sweeteners instead of sugar in your coffee and everyday cooking.  And enjoy the sweetness guilt-free. You can thank Skinnygirl for that.

If you’re thinking of hosting an outdoor feast, we have the perfect recipe. Every party needs some dip so here’s our recipe for a refreshing mojito fruit dip. Bolstered with Skinnygirl Agave Liquid Sweeteners, this dip is guaranteed to go fast.