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A Skinnygirl Movie Night

While summer is full of days at the beach, al fresco dinner dates, and rooftop soirees, there’s something equally satisfying about calling up your own entourage and grabbing the floor pillows for a good, old fashioned movie night. Because ultimately, what’s better than an evening filled with new releases, old friends, and the theatre-ready snacks that are bound to go with it? For your own pre-previews party, try out these three easy recipes at home.


Best Pre & Post Workout Treats

Knowing what to eat and drink before and after a workout can be as challenging as the elliptical routine itself — but once you’ve got the basics, you’ll be well-equipped for any exercise routine that comes your way. Here are a few nutrition-fueled tips and tricks to consider when it comes to pre- and post-gym practices.

It’s important to hydrate in advance of a workout (about 30 minutes) for optimal energy and safety. Jazz up your normal water routine. Add a splash of flavor to your glass with any of the Skinnygirl Liquid Water Enhancers — from tropical Pineapple Coconut to tangy White Cherry.

When it comes to working out, carbs are well-deserved and welcomed. Oatmeal gradually releases energy during a workout, which confirms two great facts: you can (and should) eat carbs, and now, you can totally tackle those extra 10 minutes on the treadmill.

Opt for fruits that are easily digestible, such as a potassium-rich banana, or top your oatmeal with blueberries, which are big-time hydration helpers.

On the Go: If you’re tight on time and need a quick pick-me-up, go for a nutrient-dense snack, such as Skinnygirl Daily On the Go Bars. Their fun flavors — from Banana Oatmeal Dark Chocolate to Dark Chocolate Multi-Grain Pretzel — are just as satisfying as their hunger-curbing doses of protein and fiber.

To Stay: If you’ve got the time, make yourself a well-earned meal that centers around a protein-packed component, such as salmon or grilled chicken. The lean protein will help muscle maintenance, while also fighting hunger pangs for hours on end.

That’s right — more carbs! To recharge post-workout, aim for vitamin-heavy, complex carbs, such as sweet potatoes, or indulge in a healthy heaping of fiber-charged quinoa with dried fruits and nuts.

Food May Be The Way To Their Heart


Let’s face it: sugar plays as big of a gifting role on Valentine’s Day as do roses and greeting cards. While the indistinguishable, pre-wrapped box of chocolates is always an option, there’s never a better day to impress your main squeeze with a thoughtful and homemade sweet fix. Check out the following recipes using Skinnygirl Sweeteners to score yourself some extra points with your beau—while skipping the extra calories.

Hazelnut-Stuffed French Toast
Nothing will make you look better to your significant other than by serving up breakfast in bed, the tried and true bedroom trick that is sure to start off any day right—especially February 14.

Raspberry Whipped Cream
Once in a while, it’s nice to get a sweet break from the chocolate-heavy holiday that is Valentine’s Day. Just one alternative is found in this raspberry whipped cream, a no-fuss pick-me-up that works just as well on its own as it does with complementing cookies and fruit.

Chocolate Mousse
There’s no shortage of chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but getting creative with how you dish out said cacao will help set you apart from the rest of the eager-to-please crowd. Put your culinary efforts into this fool-proof chocolate mousse to create rich, solo servings that are as easy to whip up as they are to fall madly in love with.


Bake To the Basics

There are some cooking basics that every lady needs to know to successfully pull off a recipe or quickly whip something up that looks like you’ve spent all day on it. We’ve compiled some sweet tips to help teach the basics — from baking red velvet cupcakes to fluffy peaks of meringues — you’ll be baking like a pro in no time with these tips.

Look Like a Baker in No Time
Skinnygirls are busy and it can be hard to find time to bake. However, when going to a party or having people over for dinner you still want to look like you slaved in the kitchen all day. For a quick fix buy your favorite dessert at the grocery store and whip up a batch of homemade whip cream using Skinnygirl Sweeteners. Try adding strawberries or other delicious ingredients that compliment the dessert. Find the whip cream recipe here.

Get Nice and Fluffy Cakes

Another basic baking duty you’ll encounter is beating egg whites. A pro tip is that it’s best to beat eggs when they are fresh and cold. This helps to form tiny, tight bubbles that won’t deflate quickly, creating nice structure for meringues and cakes. The container in which you use to beat the eggs is also important. First, you can utilize a refrigerated bowl to reduce the temperature of the eggs further. Second, avoid using plastic bowls, as fat particles get into the crevices and scratches in the bowl, interfering with beating the egg whites.

Let’s Talk About Flour
Every baked good recipe calls for flour. A simple yet effective tip is to always sift. Sifting breaks up compacted flour clumps and adds air to the flour. It also makes measurements more accurate and creates lighter baked goods. You may use a fine mesh sieve or a sifter designed especially for sifting flour. If you don’t have either of these options, you can simply shake the bowl of flour, toss it like a salad with large spoons, whisk it or use a strainer after stirring with a fork.

Get Off On the Right Foot
The majority of recipes for baked goods will ask you to cream butter. The most important part of this task is to remove the butter from the refrigerator as least an hour beforehand. Butter must be room temperature, or else it’ll be too hard to be beaten. If you forget to do so, use a grater to create thin strips out of the hard butter. This will allow the butter to soften quickly. If you need to cream it right away, you may also use the microwave by cutting the butter into evenly sized squares and then heating for 10 seconds. Be careful — if you overdo it, you’ll have to restart with new butter.

Want another delicious dessert recipe to impress your friends. Click here for another recipe we love for you to try!

Eat Like It’s Winter


Summer may be responsible for a multitude of our favorite once-a-year ingredients, but that doesn’t mean winter leaves us empty-handed. From crunchy root vegetables to bright citrus fruits, cold months are full of exciting textures and flavors to choose from—all of which beckon warm nights indoors. Check out the following snow-required recipes, which prove that even though temperatures may be dropping, kitchen creativity is on the rise.




Sweet Twists on Thanksgiving Staples

The big flavors of Thanksgiving come around just once a year, but the high calories it brings with it last longer than we might like. Still, the holidays never have been—and never should be—a time for restraint. Rather, indulge away with these healthy and delicious alternatives to sugar-heavy classics—all of which offer maximum satisfaction with minimal calorie counts.

Sweet_Recipes_H_Squash Sweet_Recipes_H_Potato Sweet_Recipes_H_Cranberry

Chilling Cocktail Party

Halloween is a time for cute costumes, tasty treats, and of course, spook-tacular cocktail parties.  Even though you’re not out trick or treating, we’ll show you how to throw a party that can make even your inner-child jealous.

Tell Your Story
Just like a good book, every party needs a theme. We’re setting ours apart with some classic Skinnygirl style – Frighteningly Fabulous.

Dead on Arrival
From the very start, you want to show your friends this is a party that shouldn’t be missed. Set the tone by mailing invitations that match your theme. We love using black construction paper to craft invitations in the shapes of bats and witches’ hats. Make your mark by writing all your info in silver or gold glitter glue.

A Grave Warning
Nothing sets the mood like an outdoor graveyard. To create yours, buy some big pieces of foam board at your local crafts store, cut them to look like headstones and then spray paint them gray. Rub on a little dirt after they’ve dried for a great aged look. Now all you have to do is write on each headstone the name of a fashion you’ve put to rest (looking at you bell bottoms!) If you have any left over, the names of a few ex-boyfriends can’t hurt either.

Spooky Scenes
Great décor really gets the part started. (Skinnygirl Vodka doesn’t hurt either) Set your scene by purchasing some plastic skulls and spiders decorations and then spray-painting them with purple glitter paint. Another great option is to create a steaming witches brew by carefully placing dry ice into a container and adding water until the ice is covered.

A Frightening Feast
Halloween is the time to take “finger foods” very literally. We love to cut up pieces of carrots and celery into finger shapes and then add a “finger nail” with a piece of cut almond. Take them to the next level by mixing up a bowl of Skinnygirl Pumpkin Dip and adding a splash of red food coloring for a bloody appearance. Who says horror can’t be haute?

Magic Potions
It may not turn anyone into a frog, but few drinks are more magical than a good cocktail. When that same drink fits the theme of our party, we’re really in heaven. For a great Halloween libation, we love mixing up a batch of Skinnygirl Martinis. With added green olive “monster eyes,” your guests’ greatest fear will be an empty glass.

Dangerous Curves
When you’re party looks this cute, it takes a very special costume to stand out. Whether you go as a classic pinup or a sexy take on the latest pop culture, try wearing Skinnygirl Shapewear underneath everything to accentuate your beautiful body. It’s a great way to ensure you look as good taking off your costume as you do wearing it.


Post-Workout Routine


After a tough workout, we always want to get the best payoff for all of our hard work (cute headbands don’t pick themselves out, after all). It’s surprising to learn, but the moments after you get off a stationary bike can be just as important for your workout as pedaling like a future Olympian. Here’s a list of our Skinnygirl approved tips for the perfect post workout routine.

The Cool Down
When you’ve worked up a sweat, it’s important to cool your body temperature back down and slow your heartbeat. A great way to do that is with a bit of light cardio such as walking on the treadmill for a few minutes. If you’ve got them available, switching between a cold plunge tub and a hot tub can also work wonders on sore muscles. For the rest of us, you can replicate the results in your own shower by switching between hot and cold water.

There’s more to stretching than just catching the eye of that cute guy lifting weights. When you work out, your muscles will contract and tear from the stress. Stretching muscles back out allows them to grow back stronger than ever while also keeping you from getting sore. Feeling better and looking great, what’s not to love?

Just because you brought a water bottle doesn’t mean you aren’t dehydrated. We recommend drinking around 2-3 glasses of water within the first few hours of a workout. After that, it’s good to keep sipping on water for the rest of the day to ensure you stay hydrated. Trust us, a tall glass of H20 is even better than blush for bringing the color back to your cheeks.

After all your hard work, a delicious snack is just what the Skinnygirl ordered. One of our favorite post-workout meals is cut strawberries, and your other favorite fruits dipped in Skinnygirl Mojito Fruit dip. (See recipe below.) This tasty treat is the perfect way to give your body the energy it needs after exercise. It just goes to show, the best rewards are also the best for you.

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