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Coffee For Every Situation


With the exception of the few naturally-enabled go-getters in this world, most of us crave, look forward to, and, yes, OK—depend on—caffeine to get us through the day. And while any style of java will guarantee that awakening aid is on its way, we like to think that your coffee ritual deserves the same amount of shaking up as do the rest of your schedule’s going-ons. To ensure you’re equipped with the best possible jolt for any moment, check out the following buzz-worthy brews and recipes.

Catch Up To Morning Madness
Between getting ready, packing lunches and tackling commutes, mornings aren’t exactly overflowing with free time. To be better prepared for AM multitasking, find a quick fix in instant coffee that can be gulped down chez vous or taken with you for on-the-go awakening. For big-time rushes, skip the hot water and opt for a two-step iced variation.
Get Wide Awake At Work
You know you’ve got brilliant ideas and know-how in the office, and there’s nothing that can get in your way from saying so—except, perhaps, the sleep deprivation caused by last night’s meeting prep. Kick the fatigue—fast—with a café Cubano, a frothy shot of espresso with a touch of sweetness that’ll have you Powerpoint and laser pen-ready in no time.
A Lazy, Sleeping In Kind of Sunday
No wonder we love the weekends so much. After six days of work presentations, parent-teacher meetings and social gatherings, there’s nothing more rewarding than getting a full night’s rest, only to be greeted by a day scheduled with absolutely nothing—except for reading by the fireplace. Get into full relaxation mode with a decadent and well-deserved mocha, built for sipping through the chapters.