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Campfire Cooking

Nothing gathers a crowd faster than a campfire — except, perhaps, the food that stems from it. This summer, take full advantage of collaborative campground efforts by packing recipes that are easy to make, sure to please, and leave everyone begging for seconds (and thirds). Here are three recipes to ensure the stories and rounds of charades last as long as the campfire.

American Pie

Skinnygirl Gift Guide


When it comes to the holidays, even the savviest shoppers can get stumped finding the perfect gift for everyone on their list. To help you stay sweet instead of stressed, we’ve compiled some of the best gifts for all of your girls and even a few for the man (or men) in your life.


The Green Thumb:
If you’re mom has flowerbeds that rival the Garden of Eden, a bonsai tree could be a gift that will really grow on her. Unlike the centerpieces at your favorite take out place, this tree produces real oranges, even if they stay the size of a golf ball. $90

Coffee Fanatic:
For the mom who doesn’t wake up until her third cup, a new coffee maker can give her day a delicious new start. The Keurig K10 Mini Plus Brewing System can whip up a mug of her favorite brew faster than she can say Keurig K10 Mini Plus Brewing system. To really sweeten up this gift, don’t forget to fill her stocking with a bottle of Skinnygirl Liquid Sweetener. $100

The Stylish Adventurer:
If your mom’s passport has seen more stamps that a kindergartener’s homework folder, a handy city guide is a great way to help plan her next getaway. We’re in love with these Louis Vuitton guides that pair great recommendations with very sweet style. $33


The Humanitarian:
Isn’t it about time your most selfless friend got a sweet reward for all her hard work? With this set of delicious designer Godiva chocolates, she can indulge her sweet tooth safe in the knowledge that every box provides 8 school meals for children in Africa. $25

Sassy Fashionista:
We all have that fashion forward friend who makes us really struggle to find a gift as trendy as her. No need to worry, with this adorable pair of glitter tights, you can prove she’s not the only fashionista in your friendship. $100

Starving Artist:
From quick sketches, to gorgeous oil paintings, some girls have a real eye for fine art. Try giving her a bucket of this awesome paint, which can turn any surface into a chalkboard so she can take advantage of creativity wherever it strikes. Pair it with a set of chalk pens and she’ll be able to whip up murals that will make even the coolest bars jealous. $10 & $55.


The Guy’s-Guy:
Whether he’s chopping wood or restoring a classic car, some guys love all things manly. Give him the perfect gift with this pair of a bearded, Viking knit cap and drink horn that will help him find his inner barbarian. $45 & $25

The Executive:
If your guy likes to eat, drink, and sleep work, he’ll love this suit made out of real silk pajamas. With a comfortable fit and sharp looks, he’s ready for even the latest night at the office. $100

The Man Child:
For the guy who never really grew up, a personalized action figure could bring him back to fond days of childhood. Just send in two pictures of his head and they’ll put his handsome face on top of his favorite action hero’s body. $130

Eat Like It’s Winter


Summer may be responsible for a multitude of our favorite once-a-year ingredients, but that doesn’t mean winter leaves us empty-handed. From crunchy root vegetables to bright citrus fruits, cold months are full of exciting textures and flavors to choose from—all of which beckon warm nights indoors. Check out the following snow-required recipes, which prove that even though temperatures may be dropping, kitchen creativity is on the rise.




All About Agave


When leading a healthier lifestyle, one of the first things to do is to ditch refined sugar. We all know that the stuff is bad! But sweet food and drinks taste oh, so good. So what is a girl to do? The answer can be found in the magical agave plant.

Agave is a perennial plant grown mostly in the south of Mexico, where more than 300 species of the plant grow. Agave is renowned for its many uses, particularly in food and drink. Blue agave nectar creates deliciously sweet syrup. The Aztec people thought agave was a gift from the gods and used its nectar to flavor food and drink. Agave has been used for thousands of years! How can you argue with that legacy?

Skinnygirl started from our love of the agave plant, and one thing we learned from our time perfecting our cocktails is that agave is one versatile plant. While you may think it just belongs in a margarita glass it can also pack a little punch of sweetness perfect for your favorite hot or cold beverage.

Today, agave is gaining in popularity; in fact, Bethenny herself uses agave in her coffee! Unlike sugar, it has a low glycemic index. You get the sweet taste without the spike in blood sugar levels and the inevitable energy crash that follows. Skinnygirl Agave Liquid Sweetener brings this option right to you with the sassy and sweet attitude that Skinnygirl does so well. Enjoy it at home, at the office or on the go. Skinnygirl Agave Sweeteners come in a convenient 1.68 ounce bottle that slips easily in your purse, making it a perfect accessory!

Use Skinnygirl Agave Sweeteners instead of sugar in your coffee and everyday cooking.  And enjoy the sweetness guilt-free. You can thank Skinnygirl for that.

If you’re thinking of hosting an outdoor feast, we have the perfect recipe. Every party needs some dip so here’s our recipe for a refreshing mojito fruit dip. Bolstered with Skinnygirl Agave Liquid Sweeteners, this dip is guaranteed to go fast.