3 Reasons to Unplug Today

Take a look around you. How many screens can you count? A computer? Check. Phone? Check. TV? Probably. While every lady has multitasking down to a fine science, sometimes you just need to unplug. It can seem daunting to go off the grid but stronger relationships and increased happiness are well worth it. Not convinced? Check out the best reasons to have a digital detox below:

1. Less FaceTime, more face time

While texts and Snapchats are great for staying in touch with your friends, they’re no substitute for the real thing. Instead of Instagramming your latest cocktail, why not bring your friends to try it for themselves? The sad fact about technology is that while it brings us closer, it can also put up walls.

2. Get to know the real you

From the moment you switch off the alarm on your phone to the ebook you read before bed, we seldom have a moment away from our gadgets. The problem with our constant connectivity is that there’s a real value to being alone with our thoughts. Every second to yourself can be a moment for self-reflection and innovation. Why do you think your best ideas come to you in the shower?

3. Attention spans longer than Vine videos

As we continue to use technology, our attention span gets shorter and shorter. It’s easy to jump from article to article just checking headlines while peeking on social media, but you’re missing out on learning more. By taking a little break, you can remind yourself how focusing in on one thing at a time increases your attention span.

Cutting the chord is a tricky proposition for anyone, but the results are well worth it. Even if it’s just for a day, a little “you time” and a real life experience with your friends does a girl good. Plus, all those selfies will still be waiting for you tomorrow.

What’s the longest you think you could last tech-free? Share in the comments.

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