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Skinnygirl Icy Treats

Skinnygirl Icy Treats-Article

When the sky-high humidity indexes obstruct your walk to the neighborhood frozen yogurt vendor or chase off the local ice cream truck, look no further than your own kitchen pantry and freezer. With endless flavor options, fun (not to mention A/C-accompanied) afternoon activity and controllable calories, homemade frozen treats have never seemed like a hotter idea. Here are just a few of this summer’s coolest indulgences.
Pineapple Orange Sorbet

Campfire Cooking

Nothing gathers a crowd faster than a campfire — except, perhaps, the food that stems from it. This summer, take full advantage of collaborative campground efforts by packing recipes that are easy to make, sure to please, and leave everyone begging for seconds (and thirds). Here are three recipes to ensure the stories and rounds of charades last as long as the campfire.

American Pie