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Skinnygirl Packing Tips

There’s nothing more exciting than the sound of unzipping an empty suitcase and filling it with gear for adventures-in-the-making, but any traveler knows that a poor packing job — from overstuffing luggage to forgetting the necessities — can wreak major havoc on your vacation. Whether your final destination entails blue water swimming or blue diamond skiing, here are 10 tips to help you travel in style.

1. Make a List
Before packing, make a list of necessary items based on your trip’s duration, weather, and activities. Be modest in the amount of items that can be recycled during a vacation — like shoes and jeans — while you should go heavy on daily rotating clothing, such as tops and socks.

2. Roll With It
Rolling clothing into compact bundles not only helps to create more suitcase space — it decreases pesky creases that result from the go-to fold.

3. Travel-Sized Savvy
Between its easy transport, fee-free policy and no-fuss access, it’s no wonder carry-on baggage is the experienced traveler’s trick. Travel in flavor with your perfectly on-the-go Skinnygirl Water Enhancers.

4. Power to the Packer
You never know what inspiration will strike in transit, so always be prepared by fully charging up your electronics pre-journey to avoid any low battery warning signs.

5. Skip the Hair Tools
Almost every hotel these days will stock a decent hair dryer, so leave yours behind to make room for another mandatory pair of shoes — whether it’s sneakers or pumps.

6. Consider your City
If you’re wondering about what toiletries to pack, think about your destination and whether or not you’ll need to pack certain toiletries. You may be set if you’re staying at an accommodating hotel or under the roof of a friend or relative, whereas a camping trip might require some more suitcase space.

7. (Double) Check It
No one can remember it all, all of the time! Avoid any last-minute forgetful moments by running through your packing list one more time — aloud. Sure, it might seem silly and over-the-top, but trust us. You’ll be happy you did.

The Perfect Plate

It’s time to dish about how we fill up our plates. Instead of trying to scale the food guide pyramid, just stick to this helpful guide to keep your meals healthy as well as tasty.

Don’t Spoil Your Oil: Stick with healthy oils like olive and canola

Your Better Half: Make half your plate a mix of fruits and veggies

Go Against the Refined Grain: Stick with whole grains like brown rice and whole-wheat bread

Make Stronger Choices: Choose healthy proteins like fish, poultry, beans and nuts

Fix Your Drink: Switch from sugary drinks and dairy to water with Skinnygirl Water Enhancers

Best Pre & Post Workout Treats

Knowing what to eat and drink before and after a workout can be as challenging as the elliptical routine itself — but once you’ve got the basics, you’ll be well-equipped for any exercise routine that comes your way. Here are a few nutrition-fueled tips and tricks to consider when it comes to pre- and post-gym practices.

It’s important to hydrate in advance of a workout (about 30 minutes) for optimal energy and safety. Jazz up your normal water routine. Add a splash of flavor to your glass with any of the Skinnygirl Liquid Water Enhancers — from tropical Pineapple Coconut to tangy White Cherry.

When it comes to working out, carbs are well-deserved and welcomed. Oatmeal gradually releases energy during a workout, which confirms two great facts: you can (and should) eat carbs, and now, you can totally tackle those extra 10 minutes on the treadmill.

Opt for fruits that are easily digestible, such as a potassium-rich banana, or top your oatmeal with blueberries, which are big-time hydration helpers.

On the Go: If you’re tight on time and need a quick pick-me-up, go for a nutrient-dense snack, such as Skinnygirl Daily On the Go Bars. Their fun flavors — from Banana Oatmeal Dark Chocolate to Dark Chocolate Multi-Grain Pretzel — are just as satisfying as their hunger-curbing doses of protein and fiber.

To Stay: If you’ve got the time, make yourself a well-earned meal that centers around a protein-packed component, such as salmon or grilled chicken. The lean protein will help muscle maintenance, while also fighting hunger pangs for hours on end.

That’s right — more carbs! To recharge post-workout, aim for vitamin-heavy, complex carbs, such as sweet potatoes, or indulge in a healthy heaping of fiber-charged quinoa with dried fruits and nuts.