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Host a Brunch That Will Be The Talk Of The Town


While it’s tempting to spend the weekend sleeping in late, brunch has always had a special ability to wake even the heaviest of sleepers. As inviting as the bed may seem, there’s just no substitute for a tall cocktail, a good meal and some quality time with your favorite girls. Check out our guide below to see our Skinnygirl approved ways to throw a weekend-making brunch party.

Get Set

Just as any artist needs her canvas, a truly great brunch needs a table setting fit for a queen. We recommend creating an elegant feeling with a selection of your favorite flowers. After picking a fresh bouquet from you garden (or most likely, the store), skip the vase and opt for some antique glass bottles. A washed out milk bottle for instance pairs perfectly with mason jar cups for a chic, rustic look. Match the flowers to some cute plates and you can bet your food will look just as good as it tastes.

Cook Up a Storm

From the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower to the Arch de Triumph, France has created many of the world’s greatest treasures. After tasting our recipe however, you’ll agree that their greatest triumph is none other than French toast. Cook up a batch for your guests and then prepare to experience a love worthy of a sequel to the Notebook. For a perfectly sweet side dish, whip up a batch of Skinnygirl Monkey Bread and then meet your guests on cloud nine.

Drink to Good Health

It may not be 5 o’clock yet, but when cocktails are this good, some things just can’t wait. One drink that always makes us turn the clock forward is a delicious pitcher of Strawberry, Lemon and Basil Skinnygirl Mimosas. With a temptingly sweet mix of Prosecco, fruit flavors and Skinnygirl Sweeteners, your only care will be an empty glass.  Watch the conversation flow faster than the libations and you’ll wonder how you could ever dream of sleeping in again.

Bake To the Basics

There are some cooking basics that every lady needs to know to successfully pull off a recipe or quickly whip something up that looks like you’ve spent all day on it. We’ve compiled some sweet tips to help teach the basics — from baking red velvet cupcakes to fluffy peaks of meringues — you’ll be baking like a pro in no time with these tips.

Look Like a Baker in No Time
Skinnygirls are busy and it can be hard to find time to bake. However, when going to a party or having people over for dinner you still want to look like you slaved in the kitchen all day. For a quick fix buy your favorite dessert at the grocery store and whip up a batch of homemade whip cream using Skinnygirl Sweeteners. Try adding strawberries or other delicious ingredients that compliment the dessert. Find the whip cream recipe here.

Get Nice and Fluffy Cakes

Another basic baking duty you’ll encounter is beating egg whites. A pro tip is that it’s best to beat eggs when they are fresh and cold. This helps to form tiny, tight bubbles that won’t deflate quickly, creating nice structure for meringues and cakes. The container in which you use to beat the eggs is also important. First, you can utilize a refrigerated bowl to reduce the temperature of the eggs further. Second, avoid using plastic bowls, as fat particles get into the crevices and scratches in the bowl, interfering with beating the egg whites.

Let’s Talk About Flour
Every baked good recipe calls for flour. A simple yet effective tip is to always sift. Sifting breaks up compacted flour clumps and adds air to the flour. It also makes measurements more accurate and creates lighter baked goods. You may use a fine mesh sieve or a sifter designed especially for sifting flour. If you don’t have either of these options, you can simply shake the bowl of flour, toss it like a salad with large spoons, whisk it or use a strainer after stirring with a fork.

Get Off On the Right Foot
The majority of recipes for baked goods will ask you to cream butter. The most important part of this task is to remove the butter from the refrigerator as least an hour beforehand. Butter must be room temperature, or else it’ll be too hard to be beaten. If you forget to do so, use a grater to create thin strips out of the hard butter. This will allow the butter to soften quickly. If you need to cream it right away, you may also use the microwave by cutting the butter into evenly sized squares and then heating for 10 seconds. Be careful — if you overdo it, you’ll have to restart with new butter.

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