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Post-Workout Routine


After a tough workout, we always want to get the best payoff for all of our hard work (cute headbands don’t pick themselves out, after all). It’s surprising to learn, but the moments after you get off a stationary bike can be just as important for your workout as pedaling like a future Olympian. Here’s a list of our Skinnygirl approved tips for the perfect post workout routine.

The Cool Down
When you’ve worked up a sweat, it’s important to cool your body temperature back down and slow your heartbeat. A great way to do that is with a bit of light cardio such as walking on the treadmill for a few minutes. If you’ve got them available, switching between a cold plunge tub and a hot tub can also work wonders on sore muscles. For the rest of us, you can replicate the results in your own shower by switching between hot and cold water.

There’s more to stretching than just catching the eye of that cute guy lifting weights. When you work out, your muscles will contract and tear from the stress. Stretching muscles back out allows them to grow back stronger than ever while also keeping you from getting sore. Feeling better and looking great, what’s not to love?

Just because you brought a water bottle doesn’t mean you aren’t dehydrated. We recommend drinking around 2-3 glasses of water within the first few hours of a workout. After that, it’s good to keep sipping on water for the rest of the day to ensure you stay hydrated. Trust us, a tall glass of H20 is even better than blush for bringing the color back to your cheeks.

After all your hard work, a delicious snack is just what the Skinnygirl ordered. One of our favorite post-workout meals is cut strawberries, and your other favorite fruits dipped in Skinnygirl Mojito Fruit dip. (See recipe below.) This tasty treat is the perfect way to give your body the energy it needs after exercise. It just goes to show, the best rewards are also the best for you.

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Ultimate Girl’s Night In


Even though we love going out and painting the town red, sometimes a girl just needs a night in. When we trade our 5-inch heels for bare feet and a soft rug, we always keep it fabulous! Here are our top tips for turning a night at home into a night to remember.

Calling All Your Girls

The first thing you need to do is put out an AGB – an All Girls’ Bulletin. Text your closest friends or, better yet, make some cute invites to send out. When your girls hear about all the awesome activities you have planned, they’ll be as excited as you are to spend a relaxing night in. Just remember, good friends always lead to a great time.

Setting the Mood

When planning your night in, the right atmosphere is essential. The first step is to make a kickin’ playlist including all your favorite songs. We highly recommend including a few 90’s boy bands for a fun twist of nostalgia everyone will love. Don’t forget the lighting. It’s always fun to go sans light bulbs in favor of tea lights or scented candles for a luxurious, upscale feel.

The Activities

The key to a great girl’s night in is feeling pampered. We know that nothing gets the gossip flowing quite like a relaxing mani-pedi session with your friends. To really get the salon feel, have everyone bring in their favorite polishes to swap. Go crazy with the colors and enjoy a fresh new look.

The Movie

One of the most important ingredients for a good girl’s night is the movie. Look through your DVD collection or dive deep into your Netflix queue for that hidden gem you haven’t watched in years. Whether you’re measuring in belly laughs or tear soaked tissues, the right movie can really pull a group of friends together.

The Snacks

The best part of a night in is skipping the $12 bar food in favor of some delicious snacks with your friends. One of our favorites is dipping fruit & even graham crackers into a bowl of Skinnygirl Peanut Butter Fruit Dip. (See recipe below) The delicious combination of salty and tangy will keep you satisfied all night long (did we mention it’s simple to make?).

The Drinks.

No need to start a tab, the best cocktails can be whipped up right in your own kitchen. It’s always fun playing bartender when you have a great group to drink your delicious libations. One of our girl’s night staples is the Skinnygirl Cosmo. After a few sweet sips, everyone will be loosened up and ready for fun. Just don’t forget the best part of skipping the bar – no line for the ladies’ room!

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