The Skinny on Stevia


Looking to indulge your sweet tooth while keeping a healthy and balanced lifestyle? You might want to try Skinnygirl Stevia Liquid Sweeteners. They are the perfect option for you, the lady on-the-go who wants a little sweetness in her life.

Stevia is one of the best sweeteners for those looking to ditch sugar. The pure extract of the stevia plant will gratify your sweetest cravings.

So where does stevia come from exactly? Stevia is actually a genus of about 240 species of herbs and shrubs in the sunflower family native to South America and Central America. One species is grown for its sweet qualities. While most people just call it stevia, it’s also commonly referred to as sweet leaf or sugar leaf.

Stevia has been around since the 1970s, but unlike bell-bottoms, it has staying power. The plant was first used by the Japanese, who looked for an alternative to artificial sweeteners. Stevia quickly gained wild popularity there and is now used in everything from food products to popular soda brands.

Stevia was so good it had to be shared with the rest of the world. With their new line of sweeteners, Skinnygirl has introduced a stevia product that is perfect for all your sweetening needs. It’s the guilt-free way to enjoy everything from your morning coffee to your post-workout smoothie.

So how do you use stevia? It couldn’t be simpler just squeeze a bit of Skinnygirl Stevia into your drinks or food. The only difference you’ll notice is that you don’t have any extra calories to count. When we’re making drinks to enjoy on a girls’ night in, that’s the kind of problem we like to have.

Since it is summertime, refreshing drinks are always in demand. Here’s one of our favorite recipes — an absolutely delicious basil lemonade. Whether you’re hanging by the pool or barbecuing with some of your favorites, this drink will impress. Be sure to make enough for the rest of the party!


18 thoughts on “The Skinny on Stevia

  1. Greg Canzona

    I’ve been using Skinny Girl (liquid) Stevia for some time. The last bottle I bought had a different taste, similar to a vanilla taste and smell. I did not like it. I thought maybe it could have been another one of your sweetener products w/ an incorrect lable, or maybe you changed the recipe. I hope you did not change the recipe!!! Whatever happened, it just isn’t too good. Please let me know what happened.

    1. Skinnygirl Sweetners Post author

      We’re sorry that you had a bad experience, and ensure you that our recipe hasn’t changed. We hope you try Skinnygirl Stevia Sweeteners again, please email us at so we can send you a coupon.

    2. Nikki Giacobbi

      I found the same experience. I have used Stevia for years and saw your product at Walmart. The vanillia after taste speaks of a chemical additive. I will go back to Pure Stevia in the raw. I love your marketing and company so please note the comments.
      With all due respect!
      Nikki (42 yrs- female)

  2. Amber

    I just used this for the first time in my coffee. I’m trying a new low carb lifestyle. I put 2 squeezes and really did not care for the taste. It was kind of bitter. Did I use too much or is this typical of liquid stevia?

  3. Fran

    I purchased Skinny Girl Sweetener for the first time a few weeks ago. Last week, I went back to the store and purchased 2 more boxes! I’m so glad I found a stevia product that I really like. Thank you so much! Does it come in a larger size for packets (other than the 40-packet size)? Or, is it available in a large jar-like container? I’d prefer to pour it rather than use the little packets.

    1. Skinnygirl Sweetners Post author

      We are so happy to hear that we could provide you with a product you love! Unfortunately, we don’t have any other sizes of our sweeteners at the moment. Thanks for your feedback, we’ll take it into consideration.

  4. Juanita Bishop

    I see you have coupons. Would you mind sending me one, as I use Skinny Girl all the time. Thank You in advance!

  5. Susan Burnett

    Could you please send me coupons for the packets of Skinnygirl Stevia. I am like the rest with regards to the liquid. It has a bit taste. I’m doing the Daniel Plan with my church and am having to use all natural sweetners. Do you have box’s with more that 40 in it?

    Thanks, Susan

  6. Tara Elias

    Hi there,

    I have two bottles of the liquid Stevia extract and I like it a lot, but realized after that it contains two different kinds of preservatives. I also note that you have taken the care to produce organic Stevia in packets. My question is, will the organic Stevia be available in liquid form at any time and if so, why not do it that way the first time around? I like your brand a lot, but will not use the liquid as long as it contains these chemicals. I will go and purchase the organic Stevia instead, but I’m curious why all your Stevia wouldn’t be organic? The bottle is so much more convenient than the packets.

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Prissy Melissa

    Well there you have it..I have finally found a brand of Stevia that I like! I should have know that Ms. Bethenny Frankel would have what I needed! This #prissygirl loves that #skinnygirl! And for those of you who have been following me for anytime at all, you know I dig any sugar substitute that I can carry around in my purse and I can easily squirt into my beverages! So, yay for no more messy, powdery, artificial Splenda packets for my coffee!!! This stuff is tasty!!! I I have lost 91 pounds so far living a low-carb lifestyle, so you can only imagine just how happy it makes me to have found this product!!! I have mentioned it on my IG, FB and blog at!!!! This product is all shades of Fabulous and yummy!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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  9. cristina

    I recently found skinny girl stevia at Walmart. My question is: is this stevia NON GMO ? my whole family is consuming it (incluiding my teenage daughter). I want to make sure we are getting just the best !.
    P.S. Love your logo !!!!!


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